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Greenhouse Steel Constructions and Materials

As Bhk Greenhouse, we manufacture our construction systems in international standards. As a result of our long-term R & D studies and close argonomic cooperation with our customers, [...]

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Can Soilless Agricultural System be Applied in Greenhouses?

Due to the planting of the same products in greenhouses, laziness may occur after a while. Therefore, the yield is reduced. In the question of how to establish [...]

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Costs of Soilless Agriculture

With the development of technology, it can be seen that different forms of systems are emerging in every field. At this point, there have been great developments in [...]

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Greenhouse Manufacturer – Creating the Construction

Greenhouse is generally thought to be a closed structure on 4 sides. However, greenhouse is a structure to be made according to the product to be fed. Greenhouse [...]

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Agriculture in Water

Agriculture in water is a method of growing plants in a solution rich in nutrients in water. The plant does not use soil, but instead the root system [...]

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Strawberry and Tomato Greenhouse

Tomatoes and cultivated strawberries are very common horticultural plants, but they can cause problems when sown very close together. The good news is that with careful planning and [...]

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Venlo (Glass) Greenhouse

Greenhouses can be set up in different types depending on demands, region, climate and plant species to be grown. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, [...]

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Soilless Greenhouse

Soilless agricultural greenhouses have emerged with developing agricultural technologies and increasing demands. Abroad, especially in countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium hydroponic agriculture is highly preferred (%95). [...]

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Turkey Greenhouse Manufacture Firm

We are manufacturing high quality greenhouses and provide services to all world from our firm center in Turkey, Ankara. As a greenhouse manufacture firm; we understand the demands [...]

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Hydroponic Greenhouse in Istanbul

It is evident that water agriculture is one of the most productive agricultural methods in the long term in line with the data obtained from developing agricultural technologies [...]

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