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Steel Construction


The greenhouse construction, which is the main skeleton structure, is the most important part of the modern greenhouse system, the climatic conditions it is subject to are able to carry plant and accessory loads, and having sufficient coating resistance against corrosion is very important for your investment and getting efficient products.

As BHK Greenhouse, we manufacture our construction systems and all fasteners in accordance with international norms and local climate conditions, which have been made static calculations in our own factory, by following our long-standing R&D studies in international greenhouse standards and agricultural technologies developing in the world. The structural features of the greenhouse are prepared by paying attention to the following factors:

  1. Light transmittance should be high.
  2. Heat consumption should be low.
  3. Ventilation efficiency should be high.
  4. Structural strength should be sufficient.
  5. Mechanical properties should be great.

Our bearing columns are designed to resist buckling, bending and shearing forces from plant and wind loads in order to meet compression and tension stresses; The areas where the wall thickness per unit area is increased is placed symmetrically to the midpoints of the lateral surfaces of the profile to continue along the profile. It has high strength which is statically adjusted according to snow and wind load resistance. All bearing columns and anchorage profiles are hot dip galvanized.

Our frame design has been designed in a special angle and form in order to prevent the rain and snow to overflow in the gutters and to transfer the moisture accumulated in the greenhouse into the condensation chute by filtering onto the plant without dripping.

The loads are distributed equally and evenly in the greenhouse columns. Cross tie members that descend to the column from 2 points of each frame distribute the loads that can be encountered not only in the compression but also in the tension.

In order to ensure the uniform distribution of the load distribution in the frame system we designed, we developed a high-strength truss system using oval profiles with a higher moment of inertia instead of using a classical pipe system, considering the international norms, Gutter Systems, which is used in soilless and soil agriculture, unlike other truss systems, overhead loads such as plant ropes are hung on the truss arch pipe and the general construction load is reduced by ensuring an equal distribution of the load that will occur.

Bhk Engineers determined that the shade of greenhouse profiles on the plant has an effect on the growth of the plant and the yield of the product, and in order to increase the efficiency of the product to be grown, it has been specially designed with the optimum static calculation by increasing the wall thickness of the cross diagonals and reducing their number.

Bolts – Nuts And Clips
All bolts and nuts used in construction are of 8.8 bold quality and fiber nuts are used. Since the structural material is made of galvanized and steel, it is made with steel special clips with the same properties as the greenhouse building material in the plastic film and tulle assemblies. Impermeability and wind resistance capability are perfected. Our clip beds are produced by calculating wind and clip bed strengths so that the coating material against the wind does not come out of the bed.

Gutter System
The gutter system we use is very crimped, it is produced in our ROLL FORM machines with its depth and rib, so that rain and snow water evacuation can be performed for many years without any problems, and the condensing duct design is supported by additional clips to collect and evacuate the droplets formed by evaporation on the inner surface of the cover or coating. By providing moisture control and protecting plants from droplets, it provides protection of plants against diseases and a comfortable environment, with its deep structure, high water carrying capacity, ribbed structure, high static strength and minimum shade ratio.

Hot-Dip Galvanized
It is the process of coating steel by immersing it in 450 degree pools of molten zinc. Hot dipped galvanized steel protects steel from corrosion for many years.

Electro Galvanized
Chemicals are a shiny looking chemical material that makes the material galvanized with alloys partially hard. Corrosion formation time is faster than hot dip galvanized.

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Quality is an ethical philosophy

As BHK Greenhouse, we provide service in our country and all around the world by making greenhouse installations in different structures and different materials suitable for soil and soilless culture with the options that meet your budget on the promised date and standards with the understanding that quality is an ethical philosophy with our manufacturer identity. 

Our company offers professional greenhouse services in the international field with a 20 year experience at greenhouse sector. We provide services all over the world with universal standards, high quality greenhouse materials and clear solutions to regional demands.

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