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BHK Group Companies

BHK Greenhouse

Greenhouse management and greenhouse cultivation are increasing day by day by becoming more professional.

As BHK Greenhouse, we produce the right solutions to increase the production of higher quality, productive and healthy vegetables in agricultural areas in our country and in the world. We continue to be the leading company in modern greenhouse and soilless agriculture practices. As an innovative, sustainable and reliable company, we take firm steps towards becoming the top level in the production of greenhouse materials, contributing to the country’s economy, prestige and the environment.

We provide services to Turkish agriculture and world agriculture with the production and installation of Greenhouse Equipment and technology investments. With BHK Greenhouse, it is possible and economical to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers all year long, regardless of the climate.

BHK Project

As BHK project, our basic principle is to successfully implement your dreams with expert engineers and technical staff. We offer the best and most comprehensive solutions for project works with different designs all over the world.

BHK Steel

BHK Steel is expanding its product range day by day thanks to its quality service and success in meeting customer expectations correctly, with its expert and technical staff in light and heavy steel works.

BHK Manufacturing

Our group company, which manufactures and assembles greenhouses, enables you to produce modern greenhouses with project management support. Our company provides services that will add value to your project with the design and manufacture of the materials required for your greenhouse by the expert technical personnel.