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With the greenhouse installation, removing the harmful effects of external factors that may occur in plant cultivation, creating the necessary climatic conditions, choosing suitable material options (glass, polycarbonate, nylon (polyethylene)), using different culture techniques (soiled and soilless agriculture), vegetables, fruits, cut flowers We will talk about the benefits of using modern greenhouse systems, while examining the advantages it offers, such as being able to grow different seeds and seedlings.

The modern greenhouse systems mentioned here are systems such as irrigation, fertilization, humidification, heating, cooling, screening, ventilation. These systems are the systems that are least dependent on the workforce and include the use of technology.

Possibility to remove the influence of external factors

Indoor environments, which are built to artificially make the conditions necessary for the growth of the plant in places where the current climatic, geographical and topographic conditions are unfavorable for the plant to be produced, are called greenhouses.

Thanks to the greenhouse installation and the use of modern greenhouse systems, the situation of being affected by geographical conditions and climatic conditions can be seriously controlled because while greenhouses protect the plant from unfavorable precipitation, temperature values, wind and other harmful factors outside, at the same time, it is partially transparent and has the light transmittance that the plant needs. They are structures that can be built in different sizes, in different geometric shapes and with different materials, depending on climatic and geographical conditions, the product to be grown and the budget. In addition, the quality and yield can be increased by the use of modern greenhouse systems such as heating, cooling, irrigation, screening, humidification systems and different growing cultures.

To create the necessary climatic conditions

Green leafy plants, especially grown in greenhouses, need a certain amount of light because they contain chloroplasts, and each plant needs a certain temperature and humidity value in order to grow. Although this has different values ​​for each plant, in general, the temperature in the greenhouse should be around 14-12 degrees and the highest 30-32 degrees, and the humidity in the greenhouse should be around 70-75%, for example, while low humidity slows down plant growth activities, high humidity causes disease. It can cause it to spread faster in the greenhouse. Heat, humidity and light values ​​inside the greenhouse can be brought to an optimal level thanks to modern greenhouse systems.

To be able to use different material options while installing the greenhouse (glass, plastic, nylon (polyethylene))

While installing the greenhouse, wood, aluminum, iron, etc. Transparent materials such as glass, nylon (polyethylene), polycarbonate, which have a certain amount of heat and light energy permeability, are covered on the constructions created with hard materials. For this reason, greenhouse installation can be done in different geometric shapes by combining different skeleton systems with different covering materials, taking into account the climate, current geographical conditions, the product to be grown in the greenhouse, the size of the greenhouse and the budget. You can visit our models page to see examples on this subject. In greenhouses used for large-scale or professional purposes, iron is generally used as a construction material.

To be able to use different culture techniques (land and soilless agriculture) and modern greenhouse systems

Soil Farming is the most common form of culture in which soil is used as the growing medium in which the soil factor is present.

Another advantage of installing a greenhouse is that in addition to providing suitable climatic conditions in soil agriculture, it offers the opportunity to grow the existing plant using soilless agriculture and modern greenhouse systems in places where the chemical, physical and biological structure of the soil is not suitable for the plant to be grown.

Although it is suitable for soil agriculture, it offers the opportunity to get more yield from the plant desired to be grown. Since the soil factor disappears in soilless agriculture, efforts such as soil cultivation and disinfection are eliminated, as well as soilless agriculture and modern greenhouse systems offer the opportunity to increase the production volume in vertical, horizontal and inclined cultures. With the options of aeroponic, running water and stagnant water culture in its culture, cockpit, sawdust, perlite, peat, glass and rock wool, styrofoam, pumice etc. in solid media culture. The use of organic or inorganic materials are systems that allow cultivation without being tied to the soil.

To be able to make different cultivations such as vegetables, fruits, cut flowers

Thanks to the greenhouse installation and the use of modern greenhouse systems, artificial air conditioning and artificial growing environment can be created to create different growers such as vegetables, fruits and cut flowers. In addition, you can minimize your fight against diseases, pests and environmental conditions while increasing your yield.

Greenhouse installation and especially modern greenhouse systems provide you with the advantages under these headings, as well as reduce the dependence on the human factor, and enable you to produce more professionally.

Contact us now to get detailed information and copyrights about the greenhouse installation and modern greenhouse systems that are most suitable for the product you are considering growing, the region where you will grow and your budget.