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In order to reduce the cost during greenhouse construction and to establish the most suitable greenhouse for production, there are some important points to be considered in the greenhouse project preparation part, these points are the purpose of greenhouse installation and the size needed, current geographical conditions, current climatic conditions, the product to be grown and the culture to be used. We can review below.

Greenhouse installation purpose and needed size

We can group greenhouses under three main headings according to their purposes: greenhouses established for hobby purposes, research greenhouses established for R&D and greenhouses established for commercial purposes. These groupings are important factors affecting the size and cost of the greenhouses and should be included in the plan during the greenhouse project preparation, the grower should determine the purpose of use of the greenhouse well, as well as the type of plant to be grown in the greenhouse and the cultivation culture to be used, the use of machinery and automation system in production or not. These are the important points that should be determined in the greenhouse project preparation part before the process.

Current geographic conditions

In the greenhouse project preparation part, the current topographic structure of the region where the greenhouse will be established and if soil cultivation is to be carried out, geographical factors such as the soil structure, prevailing wind direction and climatic conditions have an important place in the yield of the plant, in the fight against diseases and pests, in the cost of greenhouse construction and in the lifetime of the greenhouse.

Current climatic conditions

In order to maximize the life of the greenhouse, the roof and truss shape, construction system and coating material of the region, in order to maximize the life of the greenhouse, taking into account the wind strength and direction, latitude, current precipitation type and precipitation and similar climatic conditions of the region to be established in the greenhouse project preparation process. should be selected.

The product to be grown

It is very important to meet the biological and physical demands of the plant in order to get the maximum yield from the plant to be produced in the greenhouse. This means meeting the biological needs such as humidity, temperature, sun exposure time, as well as physical needs such as planting interval for the plant. In order to obtain optimum values ​​for these in the greenhouse with minimum cost, before the greenhouse installation process, the appropriate roof type and the systems to be used in the greenhouse should be decided together with the calculation of the height and width in the greenhouse project preparation part.

Culture to use

One of the most important points to be taken into account during the greenhouse project preparation is the cultivation technique. If we divide the cultivation technique as soil and soilless cultivation under the main headings, and if we separate soilless agriculture as aquaculture and solid media culture, and if we consider that these systems have subheadings, the importance of deciding on the cultivation technique in the preparation of the greenhouse project will emerge. If there is a plant to be produced in the greenhouse or a different plant species that is planned to be grown by making a change in the future, the technical features and systems that will meet the needs of that plant should be selected. In addition, the cost of the cultivation technique in the lifetime of the greenhouse should be calculated and the appropriate method should be selected accordingly. Greenhouses established without considering these issues may make it very difficult or impossible to switch to a different technique or to grow a different plant in the future.

These five points should be well evaluated and designed by the producer in order to get the maximum efficiency from the product to be grown while reducing the cost for the greenhouse project preparation and subsequent greenhouse construction.

If you want to set up a greenhouse, contact us and create the most suitable solutions for your production with our consultancy and engineering departments in the greenhouse project preparation part and afterwards.