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Machine Park

Wide Production Network

BHK Greenhouse was established in Ankara in 1999 with 100% domestic capital in order to contribute to the modernization of our construction sector by following the latest innovations in technology and the development of new construction technologies for our country. BHK Manufacturing and BHK Project, which were incorporated in 2004, have a moral philosophy and produce professional greenhouses, greenhouse systems and greenhouse equipment in order to contribute to the development of agriculture and greenhouse cultivation in the developing and changing world.

3 Ball Pipe Profile Bending Machine

Aluminum Curtain Equipment Hydraulic Drilling Machine

Automatic Driven Press Production Line

Big Roll Forming

Circular Saw

Eccentric Presses 2

Eccentric Presses

Groove Automatic Drilling Line

Groove End Crushing Line

Lineer Saw 2

Lineer Saw

Oval Pipe Bending Machine

Sheet Banding Machine

Sheet Cutting Machine

Small Roll Forming