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Hydroponic Lettuce Greenhouse

Soilless greenhouse cultivation with an advanced production technique in which plants are grown by using different solid or liquid media other than soil, in the root zone of the plant nutrient element and water necessary for the development of plants.

  • The ease of production of this plant, which has low nutritional needs and high consumption, is also the reason for choosing it in the hydroponic system.

  • The most important factors in soilless agriculture are sunlight, fertilizer and aeration. Therefore, it is important to design the greenhouse area in accordance with these factors.

  • Lettuce seedlings should be placed at certain intervals, not cramped, and it should be ensured that the irrigation system is smooth. It should be ensured that the roots benefit from water and each seedling should be carefully planted.

  • The humidity of the environment is also very important and the humidity setting should be done well. Otherwise, lettuce may rot prematurely in an excessively humid environment.

  • Care should be taken to ensure that the lettuce receives the same amount of light and air, and the greenhouse should be ventilated from the top.

  • In general, curly-style lettuces grow and mature in close to 2 months. It is important to harvest the lettuce on time.