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Fruit Greenhouses

Produce fruit in all seasons, regardless of climate, with our modern greenhouses.

  • Before deciding on the production of vegetables in the greenhouse, the place (region) where the greenhouse will be established and the land structure should be examined because climate characteristics play an important role in greenhouse cultivation.
  • Regions, where the probability of experiencing frost, wind, storm, flood, and overflow are low should, be selected. In addition, regions, where the lowest temperatures in winter are suitable for greenhouse cultivation, should be preferred.
  • The soil and topographic structure of the lands where greenhouse cultivation will be carried out should also be examined. It would be appropriate not to prefer highly sloping lands.
  • Another issue in terms of greenhouse cultivation is the possibility of irrigation and the quality of irrigation water. For this reason, these issues should be examined in the selection of the area where greenhouse cultivation will be carried out. The amount and quality of irrigation water is also effective in determining the products to be grown.