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Banana Greenhouse

Enjoy year-round comfort in harsh weather conditions with our high durability.

For the banana plant to grow, the ambient temperature should not be below 14 degrees. If the ambient temperature rises to 34 degrees and above, the plant will enter heat stress and the growth of the plant will slow down or stop, thus reducing the productivity of the plant.

  • One of the important factors in creating the growing environment for the banana plant is light. The lack of light causes delays in seedling emergence, flowering and development process, photosynthesis, and leaves the groins and fingers small. Therefore, the use of double-layered nylon should be avoided when covering the greenhouse roof. Instead, different systems should be considered to keep the ambient temperature stable.
  • If the light intensity in the greenhouse is less than desired, the banana plant will grow in height, become weaker in the stem, shrinkage of the leaves with the decrease of photosynthesis and yellowing of the leaves occur.
  • Humidity For the development of the banana plant, the relative humidity value in the greenhouse should not fall below 60% or exceed 90%.
  • Ventilation should be given importance in order to evacuate excess moisture in the greenhouse.
  • With proper ventilation, the carbon dioxide needed by the banana plant for photosynthesis enters the greenhouse.
  • The front side of the greenhouse should be positioned to face north or south. Incorrect positioning of the greenhouse causes the plant to not receive light.