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NGS Cultivation Systems and Types

For a clean and efficient agriculture – NEW GROWING SYSTEMS

BHK GREENHOUSE is the distributor of NGS (New Growing System) company in Türkiye.

NGS System Cultivation systems and types;
* The Multi-Layer (Multi-layer gutter system)
* Recirculating System
* Technologies – Fixed system – Swing System – Swing+Suspension System
* Advantages of Oscillating System;

  • Higher plant DENSITY per hectare: 4 or 6 times more than the traditional method.
  • MOST EFFECTIVE USE OF SPACE inside the greenhouse: faster return on investment.
  • A high distance to the floor facilitates ventilation and reduces problems such as the following. moisture, use of plant protection chemicals, dirt, etc.
  • Optimization of production: lines in harvesting mode and lines in simultaneous sowing.
  • Very early maturation of the plant: 2-3 weeks early. First harvest after 45-60 days
  • Harvest Advantage: Best market prices, Guaranteed sales
  • Lower COSTS: Water saving, Fertilizer saving, Surface cost saving, for 3 years. and Labor saving

MORE UNIFORM crop: The quality of the fruit is uniform throughout the crop. It preserves its natural taste, texture and color!
More CONTROL over production: Not affected by climate and external factors. Production possibilities ALL YEAR round.
Better QUALITY WORKMANSHIP: Easy work for pickers in a controlled environment.

* NGS Rotational System
* NGS Leaf (Soiled hydroponic system)
* NGS Tray (Full Automatic Tray system)

BHK GREENHOUSE is the distributor of NGS (New Growing System) company in Türkiye.

NGS Oscillating Systems

GS-berry+ is an oscillating system allowing full use (100%) of the growing area. Every row moves up/down and when a row is accessible at waist level, every other row is on the upper level. That means 50% of planted berries can be accessed at one time and up to 300,000 plants per hectare can be fitted in a controlled environment.


  • Up to 130 tons per hectare
  • Double production density compared to fixed table tops (200,000 plants/ha vs. 100,000 plants/ha)
  • Possibility to increase up to 300,000 plants/ha
  • Completely automated irrigation (on demand)
  • Most cost effective solution for glasshouse or greenhouse
  • Minimum labor requirements and excellent labor conditions