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Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse

Soilless greenhouse cultivation with an advanced production technique in which plants are grown by using different solid or liquid media other than soil, in the root zone of the plant nutrient element and water necessary for the development of plants.

  • Strawberries grow well at temperatures of 15.5 °C to 26.5 °C, but this growth slows down acceptably at temperatures below 10 °C. At high temperatures above 26.5 °C, quality parameters such as fruit firmness and water-soluble substance content may be adversely affected.
    breeding environment;
  • As an alternative to soil, many solid waste materials such as peat, perlite, cocopeat can be used as growing media.
  • Advantages of a soilless strawberry greenhouse;
    • It increases the number of seedlings planted.
    • Due to the increase in the number of seedlings planted, productivity increases significantly.
    • It allows plants to be fed in a controlled manner.
    • Fruit quality and flowering can be easily controlled.
    • Less water and fertilizer are used. Thus, aquaculture is carried out with a low cost.
    • It prevents the emergence of soil-borne diseases and pests.
    • Soil preparation is not involved in the planting phase.
    • It is harvested much more easily.