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Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse

Soilless greenhouse cultivation with an advanced production technique in which plants are grown by using different solid or liquid media other than soil, in the root zone of the plant nutrient element and water necessary for the development of plants.

  • The tomato plant grows in a warm and temperate climate zone.
  • It is not desirable for the climatic conditions to drop to minus degrees, and it is generally desired that the late spring frosts end when planting the seedlings.
  • In soilless tomato greenhouses, instead of soil, other soilless plants are used as the stopping point of the plant.
  • It protects the plant from soil-borne diseases by using agricultural equipment (cocopeat, perlite, etc.).
  • In the Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse, the forehead of the greenhouse should be facing south and north.
    should settle on the land. The sides should be facing east and west. In other cases, the plant’s light uptake is blocked.
  • In addition, the ability to intervene in the content of soilless agricultural equipment (cocopeat, perlite, etc.) according to the growth phase of the plant or in case of nutrient deficiency that may occur in the plant ensures that the control is in the hands of the producer.