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Venlo Type Glass Greenhouse

Reflect the flawless performance of light on your product quality.

  • The sizing and design of the parts that make up the main structure in glass greenhouse coatings are created by our expert engineer team by making the necessary calculations and drawings.

  • Glass greenhouses provide a large gain in heat, air conditioning and energy. The costs of heating and air conditioning systems are minimal in these buildings.

  • In terms of material durability, glass is a long-lasting material. It has a lifespan of approximately 50 years.

  • Glass greenhouses; In terms of plant health, it does not cause factors that may cause a reaction in crops with its natural structure. Within the scope of professional greenhouse systems and applications, we create structures with maximum efficiency with modern greenhouses whose outer covering consists of glass.

  • Our Glass Greenhouses are designed for challenging climatic conditions with their first-class structure.

  • Reflect the perfect performance of light on your product quality with our glass greenhouses, which are protected from sunlight and harsh climatic conditions.